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Eating Healthy… Paleo Style!

I’ve been eating the Paleo style for a couple months now, of course we all fall off the wagon every now and then, all have to get that small amount of cheat in to cure the cravings we are having, but have to try to focus and not go off course 100%. That’s what’s awesome about Paleo… its an 80/20 rule, 80% Paleo with the remaining 20% allocated to cheat foods (aka: unhealthy cravings). After switching over to this style of eating I personally have found I have more energy, feel refreshed throughout the day, have toned up in my percentage of body fat.

I had a client tell me the other day that she was going to splurge on mother’s day, planned on eating cake, pie, fried chicken… you name it, it was on her list. Now keep in mind she’s been eating paleo for about a month, not 100% strict but definitely following the 80/20 rule. She walked up to me yesterday before the wod and told me, “you’d be happy to know, we got sick, really sick, it was good but dang we felt bad afterwards!” This is a prime example after you cleanse your body, it becomes extremely difficult to fill it with junk and expect to still feel great! People these days fail to understand what they are putting in there body when they eat. You wouldn’t eat dirt off the ground cause its gross and has value to you, so why would you put something else in your mouth that does just the same?

Try and eat healthy, do a 24 day challenge of eating nothing but healthy foods… and just see how much better you feel afterwards, the physical rewards are awesome too!