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It’s Friday!!

Whooo!! So excited its finally Friday! Got to spend a little time this morning with my sister, who by the way is 8 months pregnant! Got to get caught up on how things are going with her and how she’s been feeling throughout the pregnancy, then off to work where I worked on websites all day, and about to head out to my CrossFit Box to get in some mobility from this week’s workouts.  Ended up doing a lot of strength work so really looking forward to that rumble roller, can definitely say that thing is a love hate relationship. The pain is intense but after rolling out for a while your entire body feels sooo much better! Then, maybe, just maybe, I’ll get in a quick metcon wod before heading out to go shopping for my sister’s baby shower this weekend!!!

Can’t explain how amazing it feels after a metcon wod, the feeling to have your entire body dripping with sweat after a long day at work, feels amazing! If it’s your day off then make sure and stretch out, do some mobility… tips on mobility will be posted soon!!


Have an awesome Friday and roll out!!!