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Release the frustration

One of the best things about crossfit is the release of frustrations, anger, and life’s issues. No matter whats going on in your personal life you get to take an hour out of the day and clear your head, get rid of all the worries and just focus on the workout and have at that moment. This time is used to challenge yourself and forget about everyone else in the world.

We’re all going through a bunch of stuff in life, all have our good day, and bad days. But it never fails we all need our time to blare the rain, scream at the top of our lungs, punch the bag, or even go out to the shooting range to release that frustration of whatever it is your going through in life… Couldn’t think of a better way to do it… Get in a wod! Take your hours workout and get something out of it in the end, see the results, make friends in the mean time, and find those friends that count, get rid of that anger, and find your happy place in life and where you want to go from here.

That’s what crossfits done for me… Its allowed me to find myself and take time to focus on myself, if crossfit isn’t for you, that’s fine, just find that something that makes you happy and gives you time to clear your head and find that peace and happiness!!!


New to the CrossFit Industry… Be sure and go to the Carl Paoli Seminar

So even though I’ve been doing crossfit for about a year, I’m still new to the industry. Still soaking up as much knowledge and information as I possibly can so still don’t know all the “it people” of crossfit. Ended up signing up for the freestyle connection gymnastics seminar with Carl Paoli, cause heard he’s the best of the best!

The seminar became extremely interesting as we went over the progressions for hollowbody rocks, handstands, all the way to pull ups to muscle ups and even burpees. It in all honestly completely amazes me on how much there is to learn in this industry, the knowledge is never ending. I’m learning more and more everyday anywhere from position, breathing, teaching ques… and Carl did and awesome job going over some of these points.

Check him out and if you have the chance definitely sign up for one of his seminars… not the cheapest seminar around be worth the costs for the knowledge!!

Why CrossFit?

Alot of people lately are asking me why crossfit? How can you spend an abundance of your time so focused on just working out? But what they don’t realize is its more than just working out. When you get involved in a CrossFit Box (gym) it then becomes much, much more, at least with the box I’m with. We’re a family, we’re there to support one another and help motivate each other along the way.

One of the biggest beliefs from Robert Kiyosaki , author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, is you need to surround yourself with like-minded people. By Surrounding yourself with other CrossFitters lets you live the lifestyle you want to live, a healthy one! Between the daily WOD, to 24 day paleo challenges, or even a get together BBQ on the weekend, we are there for one another and all share the same interest, being healthy, strong individuals.

If you haven’t already, I challenge you to try it out… find a CrossFit Box near you and go for a foundations class, at least give it a try, you might, just might fall completely and utterly in love with it and become addicted just like me!


Getting Started!

So really excited to start blogging about CrossFit! First Blog and what’s better than to talk about something you are completely obsessed with anyway! More to come…