Living day by day…

I sat in my crossfit class last night and listened in on our head coach giving a foundations class to a couple new people trying it out. As he went through the explanation it dawned on me how right he was, he went through and starting to explain the basic foundations, meaning of crossfit, how it effects your everday life, and that’s where it got me. It does effect your everyday life. Look at who you surround yourself with, who you want to hang around and spend the majority of your time with.

For me its CrossFit Athletes! The saying you are who you hang around is true, if you surround yourself with people that would rather go out and drink every night or every weekend, that then takes a toll on your lifestyle, that begins to be all you do. But if you surround yourself around people that would rather get a WOD in and go out and eat a paleo meal then that’s what you’ll find your spending your time doing. I would rather be around those people. Take a look at the people you surround yourself with, are those the people you should surround yourself with, do you have the same interests, beliefs, and are they challenging you to be better, whether its being a better person, better athlete, or living the life you want to live? I’m not saying drop all your friends, I’m just saying look at who you’re hanging around and take a step back to see if that’s where you want to be. I know for me, it is!!!


5 responses to “Living day by day…”

  1. mattpealelivestrong says :

    You are right on!! Sometimes the hardest part is changing who we associate with to hit our goals.

  2. Dana says :

    Well said! I could not agree more. I have let go of so many people in my life because we no longer share the same ideals in life. Interestingly enough, its been over my choice to eat primal/paleo and workout at crossfit?!? Maybe I’m just “getting old” but drinking, smoking and fast food just don’t do it for me anymore. Keep on!

  3. megametaman says :

    I do both. I often do crossfit and then go out drinking afterwards. I did it Wednesday and I’ll do it again tonight (Friday). I agree, though, it’s best to surround yourself with like-minded people. I usually drink with people who don’t work out much, and work out with people who don’t drink much. We all belong to not one but several communities and shouldn’t abandon them all for just one. That’d sound too much like a cult!

  4. brett woodward says :

    Very true. It is a lifestyle change. Sometimes that means moving away from relationships that are a negative influence in terms of fitness and wellness. I love CrossFit and what it has done for me and my family.

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