The Yoga Experience

As you are aware, I’m in love with CrossFit, completely and utterly crazy about it, but all in the same time know I should branch out and try other fitness activities. One of which is yoga. All I keep thinking to myself is, is yoga for me, can I hold the pose and become passionate about this as well?

I went ahead and gave it a try, showed up at my local Lululemon Store, of which hold a free yoga class each Tuesday. Every month a new instructor comes in and teaches the class. I have to say the overall experience was interesting. I would typically think yoga as being the relaxing, boring, and slow, and surprisingly this extremely relaxing, however remained challenging all at the same time.

CrossFit is not an easy sport, it take hard work and dedication in order to complete the movements properly, now that I’ve experience a very intro version into yoga, it has really opened my eyes up in seeing the benefit of branching off and trying new fitness activities. Yoga is something that’s a must to be continued, the relaxation and stretching in your body is extremely important for a recovery process and of which is a great activity to do as well. It now has become a goal of mine to do yoga at least twice a month, preferably in a class setting but we’ll see how this plays out!


6 responses to “The Yoga Experience”

  1. mattpealelivestrong says :

    It’s good for the mind and body to change workouts, scenery, reps, etc. CrossFit can be great and fun, but like any other type of workout, your results diminsh over time unless change happens.

    • crazyaboutcrossfit says :

      I do agree that it’s great in trying new things, however that’s what makes crossfit amazing, its a constantly varied program that uses functional movements at a high intensity. So your workouts completely change from one day to the next which then challenges the body and doesn’t allow the results to diminish. In your typical workout setting, yes that is most definitely the case, the majority of people do chest and biceps on Tuesday, legs on Wednesday, etc… The same routine every week and wonder why their not expanding and getting stronger, hey don’t realize if you tax the body correctly, and use the constantly varied methodology that’s when the results are never ending, you’ll always work towards a high pr, and struggle in that next workout…. That’s what makes crossfit so amazing, there will always be something else to work toward and accomplish!!

  2. northwoodspaleo says :

    Yoga is an amazing workout although I no longer do the mellow, hatha style. I have found that I love power, vinyasa, forrest and now hot yoga. I’m almost to the point where it is time to add some crossfit into my program but I am looking at finding ways to make it part of something outside, yard work/dog training. I prefer to do as much of my exercise outside and try to change it up as much as possible.

  3. amandadanae says :

    I think yoga is a great complimentary to any workout, and like to switch it up with running! Enjoy the yoga and the recovery process from crossfit!

  4. yogininoms says :

    It’s so great that you’re branching out and trying new types of activity! I always struggle with making myself try something new 🙂 I’d recommend trying different kinds of yoga and seeing what you like the best.

  5. purelynature says :

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I like Yoga, it keeps bits stretched that I never knew I had! 🙂

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