Release the frustration

One of the best things about crossfit is the release of frustrations, anger, and life’s issues. No matter whats going on in your personal life you get to take an hour out of the day and clear your head, get rid of all the worries and just focus on the workout and have at that moment. This time is used to challenge yourself and forget about everyone else in the world.

We’re all going through a bunch of stuff in life, all have our good day, and bad days. But it never fails we all need our time to blare the rain, scream at the top of our lungs, punch the bag, or even go out to the shooting range to release that frustration of whatever it is your going through in life… Couldn’t think of a better way to do it… Get in a wod! Take your hours workout and get something out of it in the end, see the results, make friends in the mean time, and find those friends that count, get rid of that anger, and find your happy place in life and where you want to go from here.

That’s what crossfits done for me… Its allowed me to find myself and take time to focus on myself, if crossfit isn’t for you, that’s fine, just find that something that makes you happy and gives you time to clear your head and find that peace and happiness!!!



4 responses to “Release the frustration”

  1. Zhen Huang says :

    I hear great things about Crossfit from Sarah and Vinnie on the Radio 🙂

  2. Ren says :

    This is why I like working out, particularly when it’s something that I enjoy as opposed to the ole treadmill! It really does clear your head and relieve stress. Learning more about CrossFit now to see if I might like to try it.

  3. soul93 says :

    I couldn’t agree more. I always release my anger and agitation. and it feels good. The next day after some crap happened to me, i feel light! 🙂

  4. fabulousinfayetteville says :

    Crossfit is SO much fun–it’s not even right! It’s like you forget you’re working out… I have so many goals, I don’t even know where to start–hey you should post more about eating paleo 🙂

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