New to the CrossFit Industry… Be sure and go to the Carl Paoli Seminar

So even though I’ve been doing crossfit for about a year, I’m still new to the industry. Still soaking up as much knowledge and information as I possibly can so still don’t know all the “it people” of crossfit. Ended up signing up for the freestyle connection gymnastics seminar with Carl Paoli, cause heard he’s the best of the best!

The seminar became extremely interesting as we went over the progressions for hollowbody rocks, handstands, all the way to pull ups to muscle ups and even burpees. It in all honestly completely amazes me on how much there is to learn in this industry, the knowledge is never ending. I’m learning more and more everyday anywhere from position, breathing, teaching ques… and Carl did and awesome job going over some of these points.

Check him out and if you have the chance definitely sign up for one of his seminars… not the cheapest seminar around be worth the costs for the knowledge!!



4 responses to “New to the CrossFit Industry… Be sure and go to the Carl Paoli Seminar”

  1. dorseyml says :

    Hey! I have not tried CrossFit yet, but it really interests me. I am a marathon runner, and everyone tells me that CrossFit could help take my running to the next level. However, you said, there is a lot to KNOW about CrossFit and that it shocked you that some of the instructors don’t educate themselves. What do you mean by that? How do these instructors become instructors? Do they need to be certified? I was just wondering because the 2 things that keep me from trying it, is the expense and the fear of injury.

    • crazyaboutcrossfit says :

      I definitely recommend trying it out… there is a lot to know and understand as an instructor. The requirement for beginning to train crossfit is being level 1 certified, which is a two day certification, in which you have to pass a test as well… so they definitely are knowledgeable on the basics of crossfit. There’s just so much more they should educate themselves on, there are many specialty certifications as well as seminars in which they can attend in order to extend their knowledge.

      Check into your local crossfit box… talk to the instructors and trainers and see what there background is with CrossFit, as long as you talk to them and make sure they have enough training and experience in the industry you should be fine and not have any injuries, that’s the awesome thing about crossfit, your instructor should be able to teach you the correct ways in which to do the movements without hurting yourself or risking injury. As for the costs, I’m not sure what the fees are in your area, but I can tell you the cost is worth it… check it out and see if you can do a trial month with one of the boxes. Everyone I’ve talked to that has tried it out and that I see come in my box absolutely loves it.

  2. malibubrady says :

    I live for CrossFit and this site by Kstar(Kelly Starrett), has changed my life!! Check it out…..

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