Getting Started!

So really excited to start blogging about CrossFit! First Blog and what’s better than to talk about something you are completely obsessed with anyway! More to come…




4 responses to “Getting Started!”

  1. stevegibrolano says :

    Is that your OHS? Awesome depth and pretty solid external rotation.

    • crazyaboutcrossfit says :

      Thanks, was working on snatches that day!! One of the favorites!

      • stevegibrolano says :

        The hardest movement of all!! Keep up the good work. I’ll let you know when I’m on your level.

      • jcarha says :

        I have yet to try snatches. At least with any real weight on them. The only time I ever did snatches was when I did Randy(75 75lb power snatches) while I was waiting for my buddies to work out with me. 75 lbs is like nothing, so I didn’t get any practice with technique or anything.
        Until I get some bumper plates though, I’m not going to be doing any snatches, and not much overhead squatting. I don’t like the idea of dropping why steel plates on the driveway.

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