Kettlebells, Kettlebells, Kettlebells!!!

Ok so have to say this weekend was an amazing experience! I can offically say I am CrossFit Kettlebell Certified!!

All I can say, is if you are in CrossFit and haven’t taken this certification, then its a must, no brainer, you have to sign up! Jeff is an amazing coach and I can honestly say I’ve learned from the best! You get to learn the basics of a kb deadlift all the way to performing a kb snatch knowing you are not only doing it properly but can go through and teach others the progressions!

Amazing weekend and can’t wait to implement it in our programming!



Fish and Veggies…

So i’m changing up the way I’m eating this week… keeping the paleo, but for this week i’m doing only fish and veggies! Will most definetly need ideas on the fish, as I am not a chef and it seems as if Salmon tastes just about the same, no matter how I try to cook it differently. I’ve heard by eating in this fashion, its a form a detox and at this point with my eating habit, figured it was probably a pretty good idea!

Again… its only day two… so far i’ve been able to do plan Salmon with some Veggies and Salmon Tacos (of course wrapped in cabage) Any ideas… ???

Let’s Help Kelley get to the CrossFit Games!


Need some help with some ideas.. have a girl going to the CrossFit Games, she made 3rd in the South Central Region, so we are putting on an event to help cover the costs of going to the games. Airfare, Hotel, Vehicle Rental, etc…. so needs some ideas for a silent auction, raffle prizes, or anything else you can think of to raise money would be awesome!!

This is what we have so far!

12:00-2:00 Basic Gymnastics Seminar by Kelley Hennigan herself
2:00-2:15 Community WOD Registration!!!
2:15-3:00 Community WOD
3:00-3:15 KIDS WOD Registration!!!
3:15-4:00 KIDS WOD
4:00-8:00   Live Music / Food & Drinks for purchase
4:00-4:30 Food is served and available for purchase
4:30-5:30 Volleyball Tournament
5:30-6:00 Live Music – by Summer & Brad
6:00-6:30 Horseshoes, Washers, Fishing
6:30-7:00 Basketball Roundoff
7:00-8:00 Music … Relax … Hang Out

Registration and Donations can be made at

Any ideas or donations are extremely appreciated!!!

Your Mission!

Your Mission!

The ultimate mission!

I may not have a lot of friends but I am blessed to have the ones I do!!!

Take a look around you, do you surround yourself by those people you could call good friends? That’s the one thing that I’ve really had my eyes opened wide to lately. If I really need something, I mean really need something, are they going to be there for me when I need them? I can honestly say yes! I haven’t trusted many people growing up, been extremely guarded, and very careful with who I open up to, but those people that I’ve been spending the majority of my time with are ones that I can call good friends. I can get a great wod in, get all nasty, sweaty, gross, and then get all cleaned up and go out with the same great group of people!

Living day by day…

I sat in my crossfit class last night and listened in on our head coach giving a foundations class to a couple new people trying it out. As he went through the explanation it dawned on me how right he was, he went through and starting to explain the basic foundations, meaning of crossfit, how it effects your everday life, and that’s where it got me. It does effect your everyday life. Look at who you surround yourself with, who you want to hang around and spend the majority of your time with.

For me its CrossFit Athletes! The saying you are who you hang around is true, if you surround yourself with people that would rather go out and drink every night or every weekend, that then takes a toll on your lifestyle, that begins to be all you do. But if you surround yourself around people that would rather get a WOD in and go out and eat a paleo meal then that’s what you’ll find your spending your time doing. I would rather be around those people. Take a look at the people you surround yourself with, are those the people you should surround yourself with, do you have the same interests, beliefs, and are they challenging you to be better, whether its being a better person, better athlete, or living the life you want to live? I’m not saying drop all your friends, I’m just saying look at who you’re hanging around and take a step back to see if that’s where you want to be. I know for me, it is!!!

The Yoga Experience

As you are aware, I’m in love with CrossFit, completely and utterly crazy about it, but all in the same time know I should branch out and try other fitness activities. One of which is yoga. All I keep thinking to myself is, is yoga for me, can I hold the pose and become passionate about this as well?

I went ahead and gave it a try, showed up at my local Lululemon Store, of which hold a free yoga class each Tuesday. Every month a new instructor comes in and teaches the class. I have to say the overall experience was interesting. I would typically think yoga as being the relaxing, boring, and slow, and surprisingly this extremely relaxing, however remained challenging all at the same time.

CrossFit is not an easy sport, it take hard work and dedication in order to complete the movements properly, now that I’ve experience a very intro version into yoga, it has really opened my eyes up in seeing the benefit of branching off and trying new fitness activities. Yoga is something that’s a must to be continued, the relaxation and stretching in your body is extremely important for a recovery process and of which is a great activity to do as well. It now has become a goal of mine to do yoga at least twice a month, preferably in a class setting but we’ll see how this plays out!